Piggy Meat

Sunshine has this obsession with the feral pigs that are running amok in Texas. He likes to tell people that “pigs are the new buffalo” because after society collapses and the black helicopters come, people will return to simple ways and the pigs will provide meat to eat, hides for clothing and shoes, and bones to make tools with. Or some shit like that. I don’t try to understand how Sunshine’s mind works, I just roll with it. I make the appropriate noises at the appropriate times, and when he’s done I just give him that psychologist look and ask “and how does that make you feel?” or “and what did your sponsor say about this?” Which drives him crazy sometimes because I don’t seem to feel the panic he does over the impending collapse of society.

side note: I just don’t have time or energy to make myself have anxiety and panic attacks over anything else. I got enough of the anxiety as it is.

Well, these wild pigs he kills are good food. He packs them in a cooler filled with ice for days, letting the ice melt and draining off the water (and blood that makes a gamey taste), and continues to repack it with more ice. After a few days of this, we take it out of the ice and he goes all Dexter on it.

This week, since we had such a packed schedule with work, I took advantage of some of the ground wild boar we have sitting in our freezer and I made tacos. Now, I cheated my ass off and used taco seasoning mix, and a spanish rice kit, and a can of refried beans. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was a yummy dinner that didn’t take much effort. We won’t discuss cleanup; I seem to be a messy cook that can’t use less than half of my pots, pans, spoons, and bakeware dishes any time I get busy in the kitchen.

If I’m going to eat meat, I like knowing that the meat we are eating was not fed steroids and antibiotics. I like knowing that it wasn’t forced to live in cramped and filthy conditions. I like knowing that Sunshine does his very best to make the kill as humane as possible (and usually succeeds, rarely having to track an animal more than a few feet from where he shot it).

I also like knowing that if Sunshine is right, and society DOES collapse, we won’t go hungry. Sunshine will make sure we have meat to eat. And if he is wrong, well, then at least we aren’t contributing to awful conditions and unethical practices that are rampant with the meat industry. We also aren’t contributing to antibiotic resistance by eating meat that is laced with that shit.

It’s a way of being more in touch with the land and our food, and I like it.

final note: I also like this piggy meat because, most of the time, Sunshine cooks it. Anything that gets me out of cooking is a plus in my book.


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