DIY scarf

I helped my neighbor with her estate sale at the property she inherited. The lady that lived in the house was a very skilled seamstress, to the point she could make and alter patterns. The lady also knitted.

The lady was also something of a hoarder. She hoarded fabrics, buttons, zippers, elastics, thread, yarn, crochet thread, knitting needles, any figurines shaped like ducks, and percolator coffee makers.

I was allowed to take any fabrics and yarns and such I wanted in exchange for my help cleaning the hoard and manning the sale.

I found this piece of incredible tweed fabric that I just loved, and it was one of the things I snagged.


I thought it would make a great scarf.

Once I got it home and ran it through the wash, I noticed it had a worn spot in it. I’m guessing a dog got hold of it.


It also had fraying going on around the edges.


This meant it was perfect for a shreddy dystopian blanket scarf.

I got Sunshine to help me measure and cut the fabric, since I suck at maths, and I wound up with a groovy scarf that just needs to be run through the wash again to fray the new edges where we cut the fabric.

It wound up being slightly shorter than I wanted. I was hoping for something like 30″X108″, but I only had 86″ total length, so I went with 36″X86″, which will still give me the bulk I would want in a winter scarf, just from being a wider/thicker scarf instead of more wraps around my neck. Overall, I’m pleased with the result.


Not bad for a freegan piece of fabric and a few minutes work.

final note: now that I have seen how easy it is to make myself a scarf, I am encouraged to try making a lighter weight one out of some of the cotton or linen fabric I snagged out of the hoard. It’s still hot as hell here in Texas in the afternoon, so I won’t be needing this big warm bastard anytime soon.



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