My favorite summer shirt

I bought this weird ass shirt from yoox a few years ago. From the front it looks like a normal tank top. The back was a different story. It took me a while to work this shirt into regular rotation. I had to decide I didn’t give a shit if my bra straps showed.

I then proceeded to wear the hell out of this shirt. Recently, I noticed it was fading from its original deep navy blue to something sort of sunwashed. It also had developed holes from where I got a little overzealous with a clothespin.

Recently, yoox had a big time sale. They still had this shirt in my size. It was the last one in stock. Sunshine said I could order it as part of my Christmas. (There are few surprises in this household at Christmas. Well, Mollie is always surprised and excited to see how many squeak toys show up all on one day, but she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus so there is that.)

Needless to say, I snagged the last remaining copy of this shirt. Normally, I don’t just buy whatever thing grabs my attention, but this was different. I had already proven that I would wear this one a lot. I thought a replacement wasn’t a bad or mindless purchase.

I’ll be sure to take better care of this one.

Without further ado, I give you a screen grab of the back of this shirt.



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