Weekly Progress Report: The Gardening Edition

I have things growing in my garden! I’m so excited that at least some of my things look like they’re going to produce food for me.

It also looks like some of the newly planted seeds might be trying to grow!

Last, but not least:

Obviously, this series of photos needs no words. I’ll give you some anyway.



With multiple things to cut the grass!

And things to make the ground ready for a larger garden!

This is exciting! It won’t take so many days to cut the grass every week during the spring and summer. We will finally be able to stop using a lawnmower to do a tractor’s job.

final note: I also got my hands on a vintage pyrex loaf pan for free, some free furniture to put in our home when we build (only a coupld of pieces, but still!), some fabrics to learn to sew with (also free), and a bunch of stuff to send to my girl Tia so she can repurpose them into beautiful things. Now, I just need to finnd a semi truck or a windfall of cash to get it to her.


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