Simple ain’t easy this morning

I’ve been busy these last few days. I’ve been helping my neighbor with the estate sale for the woman that hoarded all of the yarn. I haven’t minded, because it means that I’ve gotten to know my neighbor better. I always liked her, she’s nice and she’s personable and she can carry a conversation (which is a great thing for somebody who generally feels too socially awkward to talk a lot); I’ve grown to like her even more now that I’ve gotten glimpses of the mind and heart behind the nice, personable conversationist.

However, being tied up from 8AM to 5PM helping her every day has left little time to do my chores around here. I’ve been having to deal with laundry first thing every morning and hope Sunshine runs the dishwasher so I can just put the things away when I get home.

side note: if it weren’t for my COPD, I would probably be able to do more after a full day out and about. COPD sucks.

Last night, I started some laundry. I had gotten some fabrics that I wanted to use learning to sew. I thought they would make great reusable shopping bags. I ran the fabrics through the wash last night along with some clothes, and I put them on the line so that they could dry today.

This morning, before sunrise, I went to move more laundry through the various stages and saw lightning off in the distance. I also got the shit scared out of me by my neighbor’s dog, but only because I didn’t see him coming; once I realized it was Jethro, I was comforted by his presence out there in the dark as I pulled the half-damp fabrics off of the clothes-line.

I had to get creative with the fabrics. Since they have raw edges at the moment, they couldn’t go in the dryer. I finally found chairs and tables and stools and such that I could drape fabrics on inside the pink house so that they could dry today while I am helping the neighbor again.

I really like living simply, I just hate the days when it gets complicated–like this morning.

final note: I will be insisting that Sunshine include a space with floor drain that can be used to line dry clothing inside in the winter and on rainy days. He doesn’t seem to mind if I do it in the atrium/mudroom/artist studio we’re planning, since that will make cleanup easier when we have to drop muddy clothes or he gets messy while he “arts”.


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