Little Hat Ornaments

I started making little hat ornaments today. I originally got the idea from the Handimania blog, and I made some of the toilet paper tube ones last year for the holidays.They were so cute, and I gave them as gifts to all of my recovery sisters at my sponsor’s Christmas party she threw for all of us.

This year, I am applying that concept to some repurposed materials.

side note: I’m not posting step-by-step instructions or pictures of each step, as her pictures and directions are much better than I could ever do.

Some time ago, I salvaged a cardboard tube from the center of a roll of flooring and convinced Sunshine to chop it into slices for me with his powertools. It yielded a lot of slices–two reusable shopping totes full.


Then I dug into that vintage rug yarn that was given to me last week. I don’t do much rug-making, and really couldn’t think of much else to do with it as it’s quite rough and scratchy.


I followed her exact recipe except for the size of the cardboard tube slices and the length of the strips of yarn. I also used a metallic yarn to make the ornament hanger string instead of a matching piece of grey yarn; I thought it looked more festive.


I think the finished product is really cute.




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