Weekly Progress Report: The Freegan Edition

This week has seen a lot of free stuff coming our way. I got the yarn from yesterday’s post, along with so many other wonderful things.

We were given all of the cast iron cookware from the same house as that yarn.

We were given a giant box full of vitamins and herbs, along with a box of books about herbal remedies, Amish cooking, and similar topics. I went through the supplements and disposed of anything that was past its expiration date or had been opened. This is what was left, and it’s still an impressive haul. (for the love of all that is holy, please ignore my chipped toenail polish)vitamins-and-supplements

There were also some DVDs and books about Native Americans and wolves that were given to us; a set of steps for Mollie to climb up and down from the couch; some fabrics, laces, and ribbons that will go to my girl Tia (and when I say some, I mean we are probably going to have to rent an 18-wheeler to get it all to her); some random craft supplies for myself (including a giant cardboard tube from the middle of an entire bolt of fabric I intend to use on those ornaments I mentioned yesterday and some more cardboard tubes out of some more bolts of fabric that I’ll have to unroll and fold and put in space-saver bags to make sure we only have to send one 18-wheeler to Tia’s home); and two remnants of genuine leather


that I intend to use to make gifts for Sunshine and my nephew. Last, but certainly not least, Miss Mollie got a sweater and two squeak toys.

We were given some deer meat and freshly grown sweet peppers by Mrs W (Mr B’s sister). She also gave me some warm fleece hats with ear flaps, a fabulous vintage coat that a friend of hers made,


and some nice yarns.

Sunshine and Mr B are spending the day hauling giant polystyrene blocks from somewhere nearby. The blocks (600 of them) were free to whoever showed up to get them, so Mr B and Sunshine are getting as many of them as they can haul with both of Sunshine’s giant dually trucks and a pair of trailers. We intend to use them to build small houses–polystyrene is such a wonderful insulating material. Mr B and Sunshine have come up with a couple of different alternative building methods they want to try. If we actually do build a small house, it will be weird living in a fixed structure after so many years in an RV. As we start building these alternative-construction homes, I’ll certainly post pics and explain what it is they’re doing.

Sunshine has signed a few jobs that will bring us some nice income, which is good since it’s that time of year when the boss can’t use me as much at work. One of those jobs involves removing a modular steam shower unit with body jets and chromatherapy and bluetooth connectivity and speakers and rain head and all sorts of fancy shit in a freestanding unit that looks like a capsule you step in to say “beam me up Scottie”.


I’m pretty sure that most of the unit won’t survive the demolition and move, but the important parts should, and they can then be repurposed into one bad ass wet room shower in our new home when we build–like these.

We’re starting to plan the next phase of the community so that Sunshine and I can become the guinea pigs with these new building methods. My peas and squash plants continue to grow, and the grass seems to have finally slowed its out-of-control growth. I’ll chalk this week up in the win column.

final note: the ain’t shitness has subsided, as has the hammered shitness. I’m feeling better.


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