I. do. not. hoard. yarn.

I keep a large inventory of yarn.

Yeah, that’s what it is.

This past week, I went to help my neighbor. Her employer had passed away, and she had the monumental task of clearing the house to sell it. I say monumental, because apparently the lady hoarded vitamins and herbal supplements, religious materials about multiple faiths, sewing things, yarn, and various kitchen things (cast iron, glass butter dishes, etc etc etc). My neighbor had promised me the yarn if I wanted it, so I figured that the least I could do was go help her clear the house.

I was given three large piles of yarn.


There was a lot of rug yarn, which I have plans for.

side note: I will soon post about those plans, I have a recipe for cute little ornaments made with yarn, and they don’t involve any crochet or knitting skills, so anybody can make them!

There was a lot of baby yarns. Like, thinner yarns that would be used to make baby things, like booties and hats and such. In baby colors, like pastel blue and pink and green, and a “baby yellow” that is oddly bright for a “baby” color.

don’t get me wrong, I think yellow is such a happy color that it never fails to make me smile. it’s just that this is a very strong and bright yellow to be labelled “baby yellow”

There was a number of skeins of variegated pink acrylic yarn, which will give me an opportunity to practice some planned pooling. Planned pooling takes variegated yarns and makes them make patterns, like harlequins or argyle, by simply pre-planning the number of stitches in each row. I’ll post about it when I get around to it.

There was also a good quantity of 100% virgin wool yarns that will make great hats. It was a nice, soft wool yarn, not scratchy at all. I’m looking forward to using that yarn most of all, just because it isn’t often I get my hands on 100% wool yarn–it can get prohibitively expensive, depending on whether or not you want to know the sheep’s name and such.

I spent several hours yesterday finally putting the yarn away and clearing up the craft supplies stash that had begun taking over my home. I put away some yarns that I know I will not be using in the near future. Let’s be honest, I am not going to be making a lot of towels with toppers right now, my Christmas crafting list is frighteningly long and doesn’t include towel toppers. I put all of the baby yarns in one tub and stashed them in Sunshine’s hunting gear storage room over in the pink house, along with the towel topper stuffs.

side note: I have managed to accumulate a staggering amount of baby yarns. I don’t buy the stuff. I just seem to accumulate it in “bulk” acquisitions of destash yarns.

I have the rug yarns lined up as my next projects to tackle. Those ornaments don’t require a lot of concentration–no counting stitches, no tricky stuff. And they whip up fast.

It took me hours to go through all of the craft supplies (mostly yarn) and prioritize and properly store everything.

But. I. do. not. hoard. yarn.

final note: OK, I hoard yarn. I take comfort in the fact that I do not have entire storage locker units full of yarn. Yet.



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