Preserving Meat

Sunshine likes to hunt. I’m ok with that. I can think of much worse things for him to spend time and money on, and I like meat. Win win.

The last wild pig that Sunshine killed, we took the two hams to some friends that are meat-smoking experts and asked them to please smoke them for us. They did, and the results were top-notch.

We brought the hams home and pulled the meat from them. This stuff needs no sauce.

We put some of the pulled pork aside for sandwiches for lunch today.


The rest is in the freezer for future lunches. Or maybe some chili, because how good would that be?


Note the bag of smoked bones for our little Mollie. We can occupy her for extended periods of time with one of those bones, which leaves us free to eat pulled pork sandwiches without her sad little eyes asking for a sandwich for herself.

Bow season for deer opens tomorrow. I’m hoping for more than one deer to butcher. I’m also hoping to find out what kind of wizardry those meat-smoking experts can conjure up on some deer meat.

final note: if you’re not a meat eater, I do not mean to offend. We do eat meat, and Sunshine always aims to prevent any prolonged suffering of the animals he hunts. He attempts to be as humane as possible. He also thanks the animal for providing us with protein. He doesn’t just hunt to stick dead animal heads on the wall.



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