Major Accomplishment

I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping knocked out on Monday.

side note: I know, it’s awful early for all that, especially if I am going to bitch at the bigbox giant for putting up the decorations on their shelves already. With Sunshine, shopping is difficult. He buys whatever he thinks he wants or needs, so each year, we have to pick one thing he is going to not buy for himself so I can give it to him for Christmas. Which takes all of the surprise out of it, but insures he will actually like and use whatever I give him. So we went Monday and picked it up at one of the bigbox sporting goods retailers while he was getting some repairs done to his crossbow.

Over the weekend, we also made the list of things we will be making for all of our family members, friends, and neighbors. I actually have most of the supplies already (sometimes, my yarn hoard is very very useful). I’m only needing a few random colors/types of yarn that I didn’t already have, and some tanned deerskin to make my nephew and Sunshine each a possibles bag for hunting.

We researched the deerskin on the good ole interwebz, and had found some not terribly painful prices on some. I was waiting on my paycheck to order one.

Yesterday, the neighbor came by and asked me for some help clearing out her former employer’s house. The employer passed away, and the house is sold. The buyer wants to close soon, so my neighbor needs help cleaning and organizing for an estate sale ASAP. I went, because that’s what friends and neighbors are for; I had also been promised the opportunity to take any yarn and craft supplies I wanted–a nice bonus indeed.

I found some deerskin in the hoard of fabrics and supplies. It was some remnants, just big enough to make the bags I wanted to make.

Now all I have to do is get to crocheting my ass off, because the lists are long. I would like to go see my mom for Thanksgiving and take their Christmas presents with me when I do. They can open them on Christmas whether I’m there or not.

I know it’s early to be thinking about the Christmas, but it is going to sneak up on me since I am not shopping for presents in stores and participating in the consumerist insanity that has become the holiday season in the westernized world.

final note: I will post about some of my projects, with pics, as I get started on them.

postscript: I’m also hoping to get my girl Tia to guest post with some easy recipes (I don’t kitchen well) and with some of her wonderful Christmas and gift projects.


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