Weekly Progress Report

The hammered shitness is quickly becoming ain’t shitness; meaning that it is dragging out and some days are really really bad. I’ll probably drag my ass to the doctor this coming week. It’s probably time for steroids or something. I can’t keep going on like this. It sucks.

Sunshine made it home from his out-of-town work Friday evening. It’s always good to have him home.

I did get an opportunity to have a nice conversation with Sunshine and Mr B yesterday, during which I had the chance to ask him about “the talk” that he has given Sunshine and myself. I asked him who was going to do stuff that he says Sunshine and I don’t have to do, because this is stuff that has to be done. He said that if the list of things that had to be done was too much for two people to do, then the list needed to be scaled back. If cutting the grass was too much of a task, then we needed to quit cutting so much of the grass. Sunshine said exactly what I was thinking–that we had put in so much effort to beat back the wilderness to create a space for living and playing and homesteading that we really couldn’t let it start encroaching again. Mr B thought that we had reached a decent compromise on it when he realized that we had given up on trying to weed-eater all the things and were just focusing on the immediate areas around the RV and house. Mr B has also been exploring investing in a tractor with some attachments/implements; now that there are people here full time trying to do stuffs, and more are soon to arrive, it makes sense to invest in a tractor now.

side note: I always figured he was coming from a place of love and concern with his “talk”, it was just nice to actually talk it through and make sure we truly did understand each other. We also wound up having this conversation in lieu of meeting with the guy who invented this new building process that we’re interested in as the gentleman wasn’t returning calls in spite of having an appointment with us. I’m hoping he’s ok.

This past week, Sunshine and his hunting buddies prepared a clearing on the big property for sowing a deer friendly assortment of grasses and such. Today, I went over there with Sunshine and we actually planted the seeds. We are all hoping for a productive deer season, and I was glad to be able to contribute toward bringing meat into our freezer, even if it was a very small and indirect contribution.

Sunshine and I got supplies together yesterday so that we could change out the straw in the nesting boxes in the chicken house today, and put up some stakes and lattice for the peas to start climbing. We will also be turning the compost heap while we are there adding the straw and poop from the chicken house.

Hopefully, the coming week will see some relief from the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing. We’ve been averaging 15 degrees above our normal highs for this time of year, and when the humidity is factored in we’ve been hovering in the realm of peak summer heat. It’s brutal and it’s getting old and boring.

final note: Sunshine proposed. Sort of. Actually, what he said was “if we go get our marriage card, you’ll be eligible for the tribal non-citizen pharmacy program and we can take you to a primary doctor and get the medicine for your COPD through the assistance program”. I suppose that’s one way to propose. Whatever, it’s sweet that he’s willing to throw the “M” word out there to try and get me some help with my chronic illness. Now, I’ve just got to quit laughing at “marriage card”, because I have no clue where he came up with that terminology.



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