Lazy days

Sunshine is out of town for work, so I am home alone–no adult supervision. I’ve been a little lazy. I’ve had too many muscle injuries in the last month that I won’t let heal before I bork another muscle or re-bork the same muscle group. I’ve also been fighting off some chest congestion. I’ve been lazy since Sunshine left.

side note: as I sit here typing about fighting off chest congestion, I’m coughing. That’s never a good thing for me. Just when I thought I might be recovering… maybe it’s just that congestion finally breaking up. There’s always hope, right?

The upside to this whole business of being lazy is that I’ve been able to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of our semi-retired lifestyle.

I’m totally not a morning person, yet I can still appreciate the simplicity of a morning spent tending to the animals.  I can also enjoy my morning coffee in leisurely silence. There’s no rush to go tackle some major project or hop in the car to go run errands.

I’ve managed to get most of the grass cut. Well, I’ve managed to cut most of the grass that isn’t covered by three truckloads of gravel and a piece of well-drilling equipment that someone left here “for a couple of days” over a week ago and lawn furniture that has been left hither thither and yon in the back yard. The grass is finally slowing it’s growth rate as the Texas sun has baked it into the beginnings of submission. It isn’t as wildly out of control as it was this past spring. All that effort months ago seems to be paying off now.

The neighbor lady has some piece of equipment that will make quick work of the extremely tall and ridiculously thick grasses that have taken over the front fence line, and has said that we are welcome to borrow it anytime. I keep trying to get Sunshine to go get it and get the problem dealt with, but he hasn’t seen the need to do so yet. Maybe I can convince him that NOW is the time, before my flowers I planted sprout and grow tall and are in danger of being mowed down with the grass. Also, I still want to plant blackberry bushes there, so I need some access.

In the evenings, I get to spend a few moments tending my small garden. My peas and squash plants continue to grow. It’s exciting for me to be growing my own food. I’ve never been good at keeping plants alive, and yet here I am watching pea and squash plants grow. I’ve had to do some research on this stuff to find out what to do next, but it hasn’t seemed like an overwhelming task. All of this means that I am excited to start a bigger garden in the spring.

It’s been a good week, in spite of the congestion and muscle aches. I’ve been able to truly appreciate the simplicity of this new life we are trying to build.

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