Road Trip

I got a call this morning, right before lunch. It was Mr B. His car was broken and he needed a ride to go buy a new (to him) car in Oklahoma. Well, I’m thinking “Oklahoma isn’t so bad, it’s just 15 miles up the road from the house”.

Yeah, apparently I forgot that the state of Oklahoma extends very far north of Oklahoma City.

I just drove 500 miles today.

I had to drive an hour southwest of home to pick up Mr B. Then we drove to some little town northeast of Oklahoma City (up there not far from where the earthquake hit recently). Which is several hours from here when one is driving through the rain.

Now, you might be wondering why Mr B didn’t just fix his current car. And that would be a valid question. Mr B’s current car is a VW diesel engine that is covered under the lawsuit over the bullshit fuel economy numbers that VW made up, and therefore is about to be bought back by VW. I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t spend any money on it either.

So we drove a very long way in a conventional gasoline combustion engine car to buy a hybrid car to replace Mr B’s diesel car.

I’m pretty sure that we killed off any possible benefits to the environment of the hybrid car.

It’s ok though. See, I got to spend several hours riding and talking with Mr B, and we had some good conversation and some good laughs.

Road trips with friends are the best.


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