It’s another Lather/Rinse/Repeat kind of week

Sunshine is out of town this week. Which means I am here alone. Alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s quiet, which I really like. However, it also means that I’m on my own doing the things that must be done around here. Thank heaven that it’s only a couple of hours work each day, and it doesn’t all have to be done at the same time. If it weren’t so hot and humid, it wouldn’t be too bad.

I’m really only doing the bare minimum. I’m not cutting grass or weedeatering. I’m not doing any home improvements. I’m not dong any major landscaping. I’m just feeding and watering the cats and chickens ad garden. I’m also having to keep Sunshine’s dead wild pig iced down, so that it will be ready for processing into edible meat when he gets home tomorrow night.

It just feels like lather/rinse/repeat. I’m truly and utterly alone out here this week. Which isn’t much different from many of the weeks I’ve spent out here since we moved here full time this past April. Some days, it’s disheartening.

It probably wouldn’t be so depressing if my COPD and allergies didn’t kick my ass on a regular basis. My COPD and allergies wouldn’t kick my ass so badly if we hadn’t proper borked the planet. The proper borking we have given the planet is a large part of my motivation to make this lifestyle change.

I’m looking forward to Sunshine’s return tomorrow night, and not just for the reduction in chores I must do–the man genuinely makes me laugh. And that is precious medicine indeed.


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