Weekly progress report

I’ve tasked Sunshine with going to one of the local farm supply places and finding out what we need to do to keep the worms and bugs from eating our newly sprouted veggies. There are worms everyfucking where right now, and if I wear my flat sandals outside, the worms wind up inside the sandal and under my foot where it becomes a squishy mess of green worm guts in my shoe. I don’t want worms and bugs eating my veggies, so he will hopefully find us a solution to this problem.

On the topic of our little garden: our lettuce and kohlrabi never sprouted. I don’t know what we did wrong. At least our squash, zucchini, and black-eyed peas have sprouted and seem to be growing. I’m looking forward to peas and cornbread once the temperatures start dropping below “so fucking hot it is frying my skin” levels.

We have let the chicken nuggets out of their chicken house in the mornings. They always come back a few hours later and let themselves back into the chicken house. Hopefully, they’re starting to eat some of the bugs around the place.

side note: speaking of bugs, I have been miserable with bug bites these last few days. These are huge, and they’re itchy, and they wake me up in the middle of the night itching so bad it hurts.  We have got to get the fleas/chiggers/mosquitoes under control out here before I die of hypovolemic or anaphylactic shock.

The work has begun to get Mr B’s RV a place to park out here. I’m still not sure when he’s planning on moving out here full time, but at least there’s progress on that front.

We’ve managed to beat the grass back into submission for another week, but I don’t know how much longer the poor lawnmower is going to hold up to the abuse. The neighbor (the heavy equipment repair guy) has a lawnmower he is willing to give us, it just needs repairs. Sunshine is going to talk to him about whether or not it’s going to be worth it to have it repaired at a lawnmower shop. Having a second lawnmower (that is bigger and badder than the current one) would be fucking awesome–we could cut more grass in less time!

I’ve picked up a second part time job of sorts. The same neighbor who said he’d give us that lawnmower has hired me to occasionally come in and help him clean his shop after he’s been slammed with business. Good thing I don’t mind grease! Sunshine is also starting to run ads in the local paper and network to try and get some here-and-there masonry work so we can start trying to save money instead of just spend it.

It’s been a busy week, and I’m tired. I’m planning to sleep really really late while Sunshine is in Shreveport handling a masonry project for one of his good clients there. (Well, I’ll sleep as late as Mollie will let me. She’s always so excited in the morning–“Mummy, we woke up! Let’s get out of bed and celebrate!”)


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