Getting ready for new additions

The new lady that I mentioned a while back hasn’t made it out here full time yet, but she’s hoping to start dividing her time between her current home and this place. That’s awesome; it gets lonely and disheartening being all alone out here all the time.

Yesterday, Mr B popped out to the pink house to start preparing to move his RV out here.

side note: I use the term RV very loosely, as that thing that Mr B calls an RV probably qualifies for it’s own zip code, but I digress.

Mr B had a meeting sometime this past week with the guy from the electric co-op that tells people what they can and can’t do, and they set a plan to add a second electrical service/meter to feed power to Mr B’s RV.

Yesterday, Mr B found a really good deal on some gravel…

side note: I say “some” when in reality we’re talking about 500 (five hundred) tons of the shit (most of which will wind up at the bigger property), but I seem to be digressing again

…so Mr B came out here to start trimming the tree branches that were low enough to be a danger to his RV. He also trimmed the trees that were going to block the view of the fields out his RV windows. He then yanked down the front fence on the side of the property where he will be parking his RV.

side note: this is the same fence that Sunshine and I repaired sometime at the beginning of this year.

There we were, Sunshine and I, in 93F (35C) heat with heat index (humidex) of 101F (38C), sweating like a bunch of buffaloes (and probably smelling like some dead sweaty buffaloes), trying our best to clean up the debris left behind by the whirling dervish that is otherwise known as Mr B.

Fuck it, I’ll claim it as a small victory. We’re making progress toward getting some people out here to actually start forming a community, and that’s what this is supposed to be all about.

final note: Just under 29 tons of gravel was delivered. Most of the remaining tonnage of the 500 tons Mr B is having delivered will go to the big property. Whatever, that part is irrelevant. I got to watch the truck dump the gravel, and it was so cool! That is a full size semi truck pulling that gravel trailer, so that gives you an idea how high up in the air that thing went. Freaking cool!



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