The lawnmower is repaired. The pulley that Sunshine brought home did the trick, and the grass is cut. I’m debating trying to weedeater the stuff that the lawnmower couldn’t do. It will probably leave me feeling like hammered shit for the next few days, but it has gotten out of control again and is starting to make me twitch.

We also got the masonry expert and Mr B to look at the possible damage from the earthquake. Thank heaven some of the stuff I noted was not from the earthquake and is also not anything to worry about. The stuff that WAS from the earthquake seems to be easily repaired.

Mrs B and the new lady have been out here trying to get some things done in the pink house in anticipation of their arrival here. I haven’t really had much chance to go check it out, but I do know that they’ve gotten a lot of shit cleaned that I had tried to clean and given up on.

The mama cat had five kittens, and their eyes are starting to open. They are such cute little furballs. Of the six kittens that Mr B sent home with me in a tomato box, we still have four. One died when I cranked my car (those six kittens liked to hide in my car, and I’m sad he got killed because I tooted my horn before I cranked my car and he still died), and another disappeared the day after one died. IttyBitty Kitty and the Things are still here; I’m hoping that they don’t wander off or run away now that they’ve started exploring more of the property than just the immediate area around the magic bus and the pink house.

Parts of our garden have sprouted, but some of it just isn’t cooperating, and we don’t know enough about gardening to guess why the lettuce and kohlrabi didn’t sprout. I’ve got to at least run a weedeater (or use my Amish weedeater) inside the fence around the garden before it turns into a jungle that I’m afraid of.

The ringworm that Mollie and I caught from the cats is all gone except for one still receding spot on Mollie’s left shoulder.

side note: Sunshine did manage to get the stench of the catpiss out of the laundry room, thank heaven.

Sunshine’s treatment got extended by two more months, so now we are looking at ending it just before Christmas. Thank heaven he has found a routine that works for him and doesn’t leave him feeling like hammered shit most days.

It’s time to go level the dirt around the storm shelter again. The piles around the outside are starting to settle (and sometimes wash away with the rain) and we have to make sure that the storm shelter doesn’t become compromised because THAT’S OUR ASSES NEXT SPRING.

Now, I gotta go finish the day’s laundry and get started with some of the landscaping tasks on the to-do list.


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