Simple wasn’t easy today

It was time to cut the grass. Again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Sunshine has been pretty much cutting the grass by himself for a bit now. I had seriously gotten tired of being the only one who tried to do anything about it. Now that he’s been doing it, I’m willing to cut grass again.

It took us almost a half hour to get the damned lawnmower running. The fucker had two flat tires, so we had to drive Sunshine’s truck down there to use the air compressor that seems to live in the back of his truck lately. The air compressor hose was under a bunch of tools that were pinned in place by some wheelbarrows that were strapped down to keep them from flying out. As I climbed up into the bed of the truck, the truck started rolling slowly across the field (which is the kind of shit that tends to happen when you leave the truck running, out of gear–it’s a stick shift, and the parking brake doesn’t work). Sunshine got the truck stopped before anybody got hurt or any property got damaged, thank heaven.

Once the tires were aired up, the lawnmower wouldn’t crank. Thank heaven we had the truck sitting there, still running, with jumper cables in the back seat floorboard. We moved the truck closer to the mower and did the whole jumper cable thing. The lawnmower kind of cranked, as much as a lawnmower can crank when it is out of gas.

Of course, modern gas cans are designed to ensure that gas trickles out of them (in the interest of safety or some such horseshit), so it took an extremely long time to fill up the half gallon gas tank on the lawnmower.

The stupid lawnmower still won’t crank without the jumper cable thing.

At this point, I’m like “fuck it” I want some pie but Sunshine is pretty persistent when he wants to be, so the lawnmower got cranked and I drove it up the hill so he could check the oil. It had plenty.

Finally, I was able to start the grass! Shit was happening now!

After one and a half laps around the yard, the lawnmower quit cutting grass. Turns out a pulley slung off of it.

An hour and a half later, Sunshine comes back from town with a part that isn’t the exact right one, but it might work–IF we can figure out the proper way to run the belt around all those damned pulleys under the engine.

We finally got it functioning properly and I proceeded to finish cutting the grass in the part of the yard I had designated as my area to cut.

While I did that, Sunshine spent an insane amount of time trying to get the tree out of the suspension under his jeep. Seems that Mr. B borrowed the jeep Sunday to go over to the big property. While he was there, it seems he ran over a tree, then backed up to see what the hell he hit. It was wedged in there pretty good, and it took Sunshine a while (and some help from Mr. B, who popped out here for a while today) to get it out. I don’t think there is any damage to the jeep (it is a jeep, after all), but I’m still trying to figure out how the hell Mr. B drove down the road from the big property back to here without noticing that there was tree bits sticking out from under every possible side of the jeep.

Ultimately, we got about 3/4 of the grass cut and no weedeating done.

It was most definitely one of those days when simple wasn’t easy.


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