Lesson Learned

Back in the spring, right after we arrived here permanently, I got Sunshine to build me a compost bin type thing. I’ve been fairly faithfully putting all of our fruit and vegetable scraps in there, and coffee and tea goes in it, too. I also put some of the dead cactus bits in there, as the internet told me cactus is compostable.

Well, yeah.

The internet didn’t lie. Some of the cactus bits are definitely turning to rotten cactus jelly, others are definitely getting smaller.

The problem seems to be that I didn’t know enough about cactus plants to accurately judge which bits were truly dead and which ones were not.

Which means that we had cactus sprouts appearing in our compost heap.

I spent a morning with a pitchfork and a shovel, picking through the compost pile, pulling out the bits of cactus that I was wrong about.

Lesson learned. Next time I trim the cactus plants (and they definitely need more attention), put the pruned bits in the burn barrel or something–NOT the compost pile.


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