To-Do Lists

Sunshine and Mr B recently spent some time talking about the list of projects that need to be done around here. They got smart and made an actual written list so they would quit being quite so scattered about this sort of thing. They got cute and made that list on the wall for all who pass through to see.

side note: Mr B stressed to Sunshine that this is NOT Sunshine’s list of shit to do, as Mr B feels that Sunshine DID his part already by leveling the house and doing the stone on the outside. We’ll see how that works out, though, since it’s still just Sunshine and me living out here (and anybody who sees that list may run scared, since it didn’t touch on any interior renovations that still need to be done–sheet-rock repair, bathroom re-do, kitchen re-do, flooring, et al ad nauseum), and it didn’t cover basic maintenance tasks like cutting grass and shit.

note the additions in all caps (which is the internet equivalent of screaming) to the end of the list. Yeah, I put those there. I wish Sunshine would live by those last two in our own home as much as he expects his employees to do at work.

I’m noticing some glaring omissions here. There is an entire job site’s worth of equipment and supplies sitting in the front yard, left over from the stone work that was done to the house. Apparently, Mr B has plans to install a flagstone walkway or something, which would make us stupid to move all that sand and mortar mix when we’d just have to bring it back anyway. There is also no mention of the grass cutting/weedeating that must be done on a regular basis, the fence that needs to be repaired on the front of the property, the solar clothes dryer that needs to be expanded and more properly supported, the poison ivy type crap that needs to be eliminated from the front yard before Mrs B arrives since she actually gets a rash from that shit (Sunshine , Mr B, and I keep forgetting about it as none of us develop a rash from it), and et al ad nauseum.

Thanks to the offer of free chickens from my employer, we have already had to tackle the chicken house. The barn is already halfway to organized, as Sunshine put his masonry company stuffs in there in a semi-sane fashion, but there have been many additions to the hoard in the rest of the barn since then, so it’s going to be a mess of multiple people’s things down there and I am not going to be the one trying to figure that out. I can barely remember where I put my keys and phone most days, I’m not sure I’m capable of being responsible with other people’s things.

As I sit and look at that list and my brain makes mental additions to it, I start feeling overwhelmed again. It’s a lot of stuff to do, and we are just two individuals. We haven’t really been able to keep up with the day-to-day maintenance around here, much less tackle the project list. We’ve done projects at the expense of maintenance, and maintenance at the expense of projects. Which is why I gave up. I can only do so much, so I had to prioritize. Sunshine seems to be getting there. We finally have a garden, the grass has been mowed recently, and some of the mess has been cleared out of the yard. These are the things I prioritize.

Eventually, I hope that some help arrives. That’s the plan, anyway.


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