Simple =/= Easy

Back when we still lived on Caddo Lake, one of our neighbors had traded a set of concrete steps for a large three basin commercial kitchen sink. Then he discovered it didn’t fit his outdoor kitchen area, so he had to do something with it. Enter Sunshine, king of the weird trades. Sunshine traded 6 (six) wild pig skulls for this sink. Which we had no place for until we moved here to the middle of buttfuck nowhere, a magical place where the almost limitless space quickly becomes consumed by all the stuffs and things that people seem to accumulate.

I digress…

It seems like such a simple thing, putting in an outdoor sink.

If only…

Sunshine and Mr. B had many long drawn-out discussions about the best location for this sink, and I’m certain that the plan changed at least eight times. Once Sunshine felt pretty certain that the plan wouldn’t change again, he quickly started implementing that plan. See, Sunshine is gong to need this giant sink to process his wild game he kills, because the kitchen in the pink house isn’t going to be vacant and unused forever.

So Sunshine spent several days digging pits and trenches for the drain lines for this sink. He spent another day and a half installing another lift station and a leach line so that we had proper drainage. He also had to do the rough-in in anticipation of the upcoming concrete pour. After that, he spent an entire day mixing and pouring concrete so that we had a stable foundation for this monster sink, and he had to finish fast because it was starting to rain on him. After the concrete cured, he built a roof overhang to shade the sink area. There went another day of Sunshine’s life.

side note: for the overhang, he didn’t have to buy anything. We had piles of lumber and tin that had been salvaged from this house and from Mr B’s mom’s old shed that was torn down.

The actual installation of the sink went pretty smoothly and didn’t take long. It was the plumbing that was a pain in the ass. See, Sunshine ain’t no plumber–he stacks rocks for a living. To his credit, he didn’t give up. After several trips to the local hardware type store, he finally got to cross the outdoor sink off of the to-do list.

outdoor sink

Now we have a three basin commercial sink just outside the laundry room.

final note: This outdoor sink is already proving to be quite handy. The cats need their water bowls replenished several times a day, we can wash our hands without tracking muck/dirt inside, and the cats think it’s a wonderful place to play.


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