We made a chicken house

chicken houseMy boss is ready to give away the four chicken nuggets one of his chickens hatched. Sunshine told him to give us a couple of days to build a chicken house for them.

We dug around in all the lumber that Sunshine cut off the raggledy-ass old back porch of the pink house, and Sunshine dragged this weird round thing made of corrugated metal to the back of the yard. He bought a roll of chicken wire, a few long 2X4s, and some screws and staples.

We made a chicken house.

We used the old craptastic front door off the pink house instead of buying new wood to try and build a door. We wrapped it in chicken wire to keep it from falling apart.

We were able to use a lot of salvaged wood and piece parts so that we didn’t have to buy much.

Now, we just have to get somebody to catch those damn chickens for us to bring them home.


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