Power tools are cool

Sunshine and I built a wooden box for our raised garden bed we are going to try this fall.

I have to say, I’m really proud of how much we didn’t have to buy to build this box. We used some of his old scaffold boards for the sides, and some of the 2X4s he cut off of the janky old back porch became the wood we needed for bracing. We used some new screws that were left over from some random project we had already completed.

The coolest part was the power tools. I’ve long known how to use a cordless drill as a screw gun, so that part wasn’t particularly exciting for me. I did get to use the cordless skil-saw to cut some boards, which was all exciting and new for me.

Since we’ve gotten here, I haven’t been allowed to use power tools that often.

I was given a sawsall to use on the catcus plants, probably because Sunshine got tired of me fucking up his hatchets and axes and shit.

I was allowed to use his small electric sander to try and sand some slices of cedar tree (great natural moth repellent–gotta protect those ridiculously expensive sweaters I have). I say “try” because the damn thing died on me. Sunshine and I went to our local pawn shop and got a good as new sander that has a larger sanding surface area, so I went back at it with the cedar slices after we got done with the box for the garden bed.

I also got to use the cordless drill as an actual drill this week. We bought some remnants of PVC pipe to use to make fire logs out of junk mail and other old paper. We originally found this recipe for fire logs through a video on one of Sunshine’s survivalist-prepper-black helicopter sites, and it involved two five gallon buckets. One of the buckets had holes drilled in it because this recipe involves soaking the junk mails in water for a few days then using a specially fabricated attachment on a drill to turn it into a puree of sorts. Well, Sunshine had the brilliant idea to use PVC pipes to get a uniform size and shape log on a consistent basis. So we bought the remnants of the pipe from the local hardware store, and I was handed a drill and allowed to go to town drilling holes for the water to drain out of as we dry the pureed paper fire logs. I still haven’t been allowed to use the big badass saw that cuts the PVC pipe and cedar tree slices, but after seeing what that saw does to anything that it accidentally grabs hold of, I’m OK with that.

If I had known that I would get to use power tools more often, I might have agreed to this simple living shit a long time ago.


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