Weekly Progress Report

It’s been a busy week here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.

Sunshine had an outpatient test/procedure on Wednesday up at the tribal healthcare center. Everything looked OK from what they could see, so we’re good for a while on that front. They did extend his treatment protocol from 4 months to six months the last time he went to that doctor, so we are not quite halfway through. The good news is that he has found a rhythm that works for him, and he is somewhat closer to his old self again.

He has finished the installation of the three-basin commercial sink. He poured the concrete pad, built the lean-to roof over it, and did the plumbing all by himself (with only minor occasional help from me to move large things). It was nice that he wasn’t having to work in 112F heat, but it was raining on him the whole time, so it was still a miserable experience for him.

side note: what the hell is with the weather here lately? We’re experiencing highs in the low 80s (if that) in AUGUST, FFS. I don’t get it at all, it’s almost like it’s the #endofdays or some shit.

We’ve done our research on what to plant for a fall garden, hopefully he will be able to start building the boxes for the raised beds this coming week. Now I just gotta get busy learning about preserving food so we can put some aside to help us get through the winter (or what passes for winter here in Texas).

I’ve managed to keep the laundry going all week; it’s been a never-ending stream of washing the sheets, towels, and clothes daily, all to try and keep the ringworm from spreading while we try and get rid of it. It’s exhausting having to completely strip and remake the bed every single day. All that bed-making was the part of working in hospitality/housekeeping that I hated the most. Hopefully it will be over in another week or two, and I can go back to only doing laundry every couple of days.

Sunshine has yanked down a lot of the offending, warped, poorly installed lattice off of the back deck on the pink house. Something about Mr. B needing pictures of the back of the house without all that crappy shit hanging in midair, I don’t know. I just know that Sunshine is now spending today cleaning up the mess he made ripping that shit down late yesterday. Lovely, since he apparently burned the last pile of debris yesterday while it was raining and everything was wet and the fire danger was low. Here we go again, building up the next pile of debris removed from the pink house. Who the hell does shit like this to a house? I would really love to straight up kick the guilty party in the taco (or franks & beans, whatever the case may be).

I’ve managed to make a small dent in the hoard of craft supply stash that was taking over the living room. Now I have to start thinking about where to hide the finished products until we get ready to go set up at the trade days. The pink house is almost completely out of the question because Mrs. B has taken over most of the house with her office, her sitting room, and untold boxes of stuffs and things from her house. Now, in Mrs. B’s defense, I’m sure a lot of the boxes are just sitting there waiting to be sorted and dealt with, but until then they’ve kind of taken over. The new girl has also got her room reserved in the pink house waiting for her to finally be able to actually move out here. The one room that hasn’t been taken over by people’s stuffs and things is the living room, which I can’t turn into my own personal storage locker since I’m pretty sure people will be wanting to use the living room for something like, oh I don’t know, maybe a living room? All of our basement storage compartments on the magic bus are full, so that’s out of the question. I’ll figure something out, I’m pretty creative when I need to be; I’m just wondering where I’ll find the energy required for “getting creative”.

side note: another reason I need to start figuring out the craft stash? Our neighbor is cleaning out the home of her former employer, and was telling us about the unbelievable hoard of sewing supplies and fabric. When I asked if the woman had any yarn, the neighbor lady told me she would bag up all of the yarn and knitting supplies and bring it to me. I gots to find somewhere to stash a new stash!

Now, I’ve got to jet because today is book study at my sponsor’s house, and that’s a 3+ hour drive from me.

final note: I’ve spent so much fucking time in a car this week that I’m kind of nearing the point of never wanting to see a car again. Not now not never.




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