Food preservation

I can remember all sorts of harvest related activities from my childhood. We picked vegetables, shelled peas, canned things, froze things, and dried things.

Sadly, I don’t know HOW any of these things got done.

Well, that isn’t exactly true, I do remember how to dry apples; that memory is irrelevant since we have a commercial dehydrator that will make jerky and dry apples and so on.

However, beyond the drying of apples, I don’t know how to preserve the food that is so abundant at harvest time.

Why is this relevant?

Because the neighbor came over and talked to Sunshine about plowing up an area for a garden. That discussion got Sunshine to thinking about how much garden he and I alone could realistically manage alone. I think we have decided to go with a couple of raised beds to try and have a small fall garden.

I’ve been researching what will grow here and when we have to plant it.

I guess I’m going to have to go and research what the hell to do with it if it the garden beds actually produce some food.

At least this simple living experiment is proving to be an educational one.


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