That was scary

I was over in the pink house doing laundry just before sunset, and Mollie was wandering the yard off leash.

It took me a couple of seconds to realize what I was hearing.

It was coyotes, louder and closer than I’ve ever heard them.

side note: coyotes are something I’ve kind of learned to ignore, which is probably why it took me a couple of seconds to react.

I started screaming and scrambling for the door to get out into the yard and grab Mollie. I tripped over the giant Ikea bag full of dirty laundry, almost broke my neck, damn near peed in my pants, and lost a shoe. I don’t know how I didn’t face plant onto the concrete outside the laundry room door.

Mollie was under the magic bus, facing the direction the coyote noise was coming from, probably barking but at that point I don’t think I was hearing anything but the blood pounding through my veins.

I dove under the bus, snatched my Mollie, and opened the door to the RV to see Sunshine standing there. I threw the baby into his arms (probably screaming at him to take the baby) when I realized he had to drop his handgun onto the coffee table just to catch her.

I quickly got out of his way and followed him outside to point out the direction where I thought I heard the coyotes. He started firing rounds into the treeline and I heard the coyote pack noises receding into the distance.

I’m still shaking, and Xanax would probably be legitimately medically necessary (I’ll pass, Xanax probably wouldn’t be a good idea for somebody with my history), but Mollie is ok, and the smell of gunpowder will hang in the air for a while which will keep the coyotes at bay for a bit at least. I also managed to pull myself together enough to finish dicking with the laundry and find my shoe (which is a total win, considering that they were damn near brand new and extremely comfortable).

I am going to be nagging the hell out of Sunshine to try and get myself a 9MM or a 380. While I am certainly capable of handling these hand cannons that Sunshine calls guns, I am far more comfortable with something a bit smaller.

Also, Mollie will not be going outside off leash that close to sunset again. Even on a leash, she won’t be going outside that close to sunset without an armed escort named Sunshine.

final note: we now know which animals would make good hunting companions. Mollie hates guns, and the three older kittens all scattered when Sunshine started shooting. However, two of the tiny little new kittens didn’t even flinch and were still munching away on cat food when we thought to look in their direction.


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