New cats

Mr. B met me at my work Tuesday and sent me home with 6 more kittens. In a bushel tomato box. That box was a writhing, hissing, spitting mass of cat hair.

I got them home and put the box in the laundry room and brought in my two Things and little Ittybitty kitty to try and show the new kittens that life is good here and they didn’t have to be afraid. I left them alone for a while, and came back later with some canned cat food.

I got all of the new kittens to eat some canned food, and I showed them all the litterbox.

Yesterday morning, when I opened up the laundry room to let my Things and Ittybitty out for the day, the smell almost made me puke. These fucking idiot kittens were hiding behind the chest freezer, the dehydrator, and some rolls of flooring underlayment.

It gets better. They were lying and sitting in their own piss and shit.

It doesn’t end there.

Not only were they hiding in their own piss and shit, they hissed and spat and scratched at me when I tried to pick them up to love on them.

My laundry room now smells like catpiss and catshit. It is an un-air-conditioned room, so that shit is baking into every surface in there as I type. I’m pretty sure there is catshit inside the motor compartment of the chest freezer. I’m absolutely positive that Mr. B’s flooring underlayment is ruined with catpiss. I am pretty sure I have cause injuries to my entire respiratory tract from having to breathe that stench infested air while doing laundry this morning–damage that will lead to permanent scarring, especially in my lungs.

Sunshine wasn’t here to help, or I’m pretty sure his respiratory system would be permanently damaged also.

That’s OK, Sunshine will eventually get to experience the joys of the stench in that laundry room. Because I am not cleaning it. Not now, not ever. I will shell out quarters to wash my sheets and towels and Sunshine’s work clothes at a laundromat before I will go back in that laundry room ever again until after it has been cleaned and de-stenched.

I. Am. Not. The. One.

I am not going to deal with a bunch of idiot cats that would rather lay in their own piss and shit while hissing spitting and scratching at the human that spoon fed them canned cat food than let that human hold them and pet them and spoon feed them more canned cat food.

The next addition to this community better be an exterminator, because the plan to let cats keep the mice under control has just become unsustainable.


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