The new normal

It is hot here in Texas. It’s not like this is some surprising revelation. Hell, it’s always hot in Texas in the summer.

These last few years, though, it seems like we’ve settled into a pattern. Extreme rainfall and flash flooding punctuated by a quick swing to drought conditions and then a return to extreme rains.

I’m thinking that this is the new normal, and we better get used to it.

This year is a La Nina year, so it’s really brutal. My lungs just can’t handle it. Hell, our roof unit air conditioners can’t keep up some days, even with the shade sails. We’ve resorted to evaporative solar cooling to supplement the air conditioners in the afternoons.

side note: evaporative solar cooling is just a fancy way of saying we take a water hose and spray down the RV and shade sails so that the water will absorb some of the heat and evaporate.

I’m thinking we should just redneck engineer a permanent evaporative solar cooling system. It would sure be easier than dragging the garden hose around every day.

Welcome to the new normal in my world.


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