A new addition to the community

We have a new addition coming to the community any day now.

The best part is that it isn’t another cat, or some ducks, or any other kind of animal that I’m going to have to feed and clean up after and keep safe from the coyotes at night.

side note: the coyotes were rather loud last night. Thank heaven I can only hear them when our A/C units aren’t running, which isn’t often this summer.

It’s a real live human being. And she says she’s crafty, and she grew up on a pig farm, and she is willing to work for the good of the community.

I can’t even find the words to express how grateful I would be to have someone else around here. Psychologically, I won’t feel so lonely, you know?

It would also be so very nice to have some help. Sunshine is weathering his treatments much better now; however, the fact remains that it is still too fucking much for two people to handle without help. The to-do list of projects keeps growing, regular maintenance keeps getting neglected….

It’s funny how my higher power works. Just a couple of days ago, I had a little talk with Sunshine about exactly that. I told Sunshine that I was fucking done with the lather rinse repeat cycle until we got some actual, real fucking help. Help that didn’t include Mr. B coming out here, halfway starting a project then jetting off to his next appointment leaving shit a total mess. (Don’t get me wrong, I know that Mr. B has only good intentions, but Mr. B’s ADD absolutely annihilates his good intentions most days.) I explained to Sunshine in no uncertain terms that every time I did some physical activity that left me gasping for air and my muscles screaming for oxygen, I had just taken that time off of the back end of my life. I made it clear to Sunshine that, while I am more than OK with sacrificing some time off of the back end of my life to do for him or Mollie (especially while Sunshine is going through treatments), I am NOT fucking OK with sacrificing time off of the back end of my life for hypothetical people who aren’t here helping and don’t seem to fucking care that I’m literally killing myself for this shit.  I almost cried after this talk; then I remembered that I truly cannot afford to cry because it literally makes me physically sick because COPD is bullshit. I also made it clear that I am not going to sacrifice time off of the back end of my life for any future community members that aren’t willing to be part of the solutions around here. I told Sunshine (in no uncertain terms) that I am done around here until there is somebody to fucking help me; I will not be cutting any grass or weedeating or landscaping or anything else nada/nothing/zero/zip/zilch/not fucking shit. I just can’t.

Well, it looks like we might start seeing people actually come here to be part of a community.

It’s about time.

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