The hazards of letting Sunshine binge-watch teevee

When Sunshine and I first started dating, we binge-watched every single episode of “The Sopranos”. Which, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, when it leads him to unload a semi-automatic handgun into the head of a fish because it wouldn’t stop staring at him…well, then, Houston, we might have a problem.

side note: If you’ve never paid attention to “The Sopranos”, you won’t get the fish reference. TL/DR of it is that Tony Soprano has dreams about fish on ice in the market, and they fucking talk to him in these dreams.

Recently, Sunshine just finished binge-watching “Dexter”. Again, in and of itself, this is not necessarily a problem.

However, when he killed a wild boar the other night, I saw that I might need to stop letting Sunshine binge-watch teevee.


kill room

Now, if you’ve never watched “Dexter”, then you won’t get the reference. Let’s just say that this is the first time that Sunshine has wrapped the table in plastic before we process meat. I’ll add that I’m surprised that he didn’t wrap the whole damned room in plastic, but we did need to access the sink and freezer so that might be why.

side note: perhaps Santa will have to bring Sunshine an oversized green rubber apron, some brown cargo pants, and a brown Henley shirt for the Christmas to help complete the “Dexter” reference as much as we possibly can.

Once you add the wild boar carcass to the picture, it starts to look more Dextery.

processing meat

I have got to stop letting Sunshine binge-watch the teevee.

final note: At least all of this is a sign that Sunshine is beginning to weather his treatments much better than he was in the beginning. This leaves me free to actually break the cycle of lather-rinse-repeat and  take care of myself sometimes.


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