To-Do Lists

Since the heat set in, the to-do lists have just kept growing and growing. Sunshine’s treatment and my COPD mean that not much gets checked off those lists. Shit, no matter how much uncut grass drives me batshit crazy, I’m not doing this shit alone. I fucking refuse to kill myself doing this shit. Sunshine helps when he can, and I’ll gladly work on projects with him, because he’s my Sunshine and I actually enjoy his company.

We got the laundry room organized and moved the kittens in there. I had to put IttyBitty in there with them because the feral male cat that has impregnated my mama cat was beating the shit out of IttyBitty and that is not OK. The mama cat has been being mean to the little one, too. So I’m putting the three littlest ones into the laundry room, in the hopes that they all become friends and IttyBitty teaches Things 1 & 2 how things work around here.

Today, we are going to attack the hoard in the one bedroom where we have things stored.

side note: That should actually say “where Sunshine has things stored”, as I don’t have anything stored over there in the pink house except some storage crates (that will be donated to Sunshine so he can organize his hoard) and a couple of small piles of really cool tiles that I want to do something with.

I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of delights Sunshine finds in his hoard. It should be an interesting day, at least.

final note: I’ve turned the central a/c on in the pink house so that this massive organizational effort isn’t miserable as fuck.


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