Weekly Progress Report

Well, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are still skittish, but will come to us if we sit still in the floor and stare at them. Thing 1 is starting to play with a toy, which is a very good sign. I’m slowly trying to introduce them to IttyBitty so they can hopefully become friends. At least all these cats are keeping the mice away, even if the little fuckers are still half afraid of us humans.

Sunshine is finally settling into a schedule and rhythm with his treatment that is working for him. He has been able to clean his spare truck and get it on a lot for sale. He also has ordered the blades for our lawnmower so that we can get the grass back under control properly. In the meantime, he borrowed a tractor and a bush hog from a neighbor and knocked back some of the grass and weeds. Soon enough, the grass will turn brown and won’t be an issue for a while; until then, we have to keep it under control somehow.

It’s hot as blue blazes here in Texas. La Nina is starting to kick some ass, and they’re predicting that it will stay hot as blue blazes through October. That sucks ass. It will make it hard for us to plant a fall garden, as the ground will be so baked by the sun that we’ll need some serious heavy equipment and irrigation to make things grow. I am still hopeful that we can start becoming more self-sufficient soon.

I’m feeling slightly better these days, but I’m sure that won’t last long if these fucking cats don’t hurry up and adjust to their new life here. I’m allergic to cats, so I’m starting to sneeze a lot, and a cough is threatening to develop. It’s not good, but at least it isn’t settling in.

Now, I have to go finish dealing with laundry and house cleaning in case I get called tonight to work tomorrow.


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