Crazy cat ladies

We had a mouse problem. So we adopted a few cats. The mama kitty apparently attracted a visitor in the form of a male cat that shows up frequently. I’m pretty sure this male kitty is from next door, where there are reportedly a ton of cats roaming around.

side note: I’m pretty sure that the people who once upon a time lived in the pink house were not just hoarders–they were crazy cat hoarder people. The house has giant hairballs in every nook and cranny. It’s been a year of cleaning the house, and we are still finding giant cathairballs in corners and under things and behind things. We also haven’t even thought about cleaning the ducts for the HVAC system yet, and I can promise you that it desperately needs to be done. You don’t find this much fucking cat hair in a house without the ductwork being equally as full of cat hair.

Well, one of my little kitties hasn’t been seen for a few days. To be precise, he hasn’t been seen since Sunshine said that Mr and Mrs B’s pit bull chased it until it ran up a post to the roof. In the pit bull’s defense, it only wanted to play with it. The pit bull is a really big baby. A big spazzy baby, which can be intimidating to small creatures.

Then the mama kitty didn’t show up to eat a couple of days later. I thought something might be killing my kitties, so I took the littlest one inside the pink house for the night to keep her safe. We then drove our happy asses to the local animal shelter, where Sunshine proceeded to adopt two precious black sibling kittens. We put them inside the pink house to keep them safe (and keep them from running away).

Last night (well, this morning, actually), when Sunshine came in from hunting, he discovered our mama kitty had reappeared. So, he let her into the pink house to keep her safe for the night.

This morning, I still had not seen or heard from the two new precious black sibling kittens, so I did what any logical person would do. I let Mollie into the house and followed her nose. She found where they were hiding in the laundry room, and I snatched them up. I then proceeded to start hollering like a deranged psychopath to make Sunshine wake up and come love on the kittens with me.

Of course, Sunshine let one escape almost as soon as we had it inside the pink house proper.

I’m worried about these two little kittens. I know that they’ve been traumatized by the shelter and then getting stuffed into a travel kennel and taken to some strange place by two strange people with a funny looking short-legged dog, but they haven’t even come out of hiding to eat or drink water.

I’m turning into a crazy cat lady with my obsessive need to make these little kittens trust us enough to come out of hiding and eat.

final note: I’m allergic to cats, so none of this is helping my physical health at all.


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