Weekly progress report

Well, it’s been another hot, humid week. Which means not a lot has gotten done.

We’ve mostly gotten the grass cut. Sunshine is working on the last unmowed section of yard as I type. I’ve also weedeatered around the magic bus and I started attacking the new growth on that bush the neighbor cut halfway down. I would have finished but the weedeater ran out of string.

Sadly, the first section of the yard that got mowed already needs to be cut again.

We went to the big property and put out some corn in the hopes that Sunshine ca kill a wild pig this week. While we were out there, we cut up some cedar tree trunks from fallen trees so that I can make some cedar disks for sweater drawers and maybe some Christmas ornaments. Mollie had a grad time in the woods, chasing corn we threw and running through the creek; she got so muddy that she had a bath today.

We are almost a full month into Sunshine’s treatment protocol, and he isn’t feeling much better most days. He says the crappy feeling comes and goes, but judging from how he’s moving around it mostly comes. Three more months to go, and hopefully he starts feeling better.

We had our monthly book study at my sponsor’s house yesterday, and I have a writing assignment. I’m glad, in a way, because I like staying in touch with my recovery; even if that means answering a bunch of questions via pen and paper. I’ll get it done, I do have a whole month.

It’s been a week of small victories. I’ll take them.


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