What the hell just happened?

I’ve been telling Sunshine that there is a water leak under the laundry room of the pink house for weeks. He told me to come get him next time I hear it drippig.

I guess he didn’t really mean it, because I actually told him several times “I hear dripping under the laundry room”. He finally told me “I hear it” but he never did anything about it.

I washed a load of clothes Saturday and hung them out to dry Sunday morning.

When I got home from work Sunday, the floor in the laundry room was wet. So Sunshine went to fix it.

When he turned the water back on, we thought we had success.

Until I heard the water line he had just fixed explode, and water went spewing everywhere.

He wet to the road to turn off the water again. I grabbed the cat that had wandered into the pink house and shooed her back outside.

While he was wandering around looking for the parts he needed to cap the line, I scratched my foot. It continued to itch, so I scratched some more. I found what felt like a scab so I pulled it out of my slipper shoe and to my horror

it was a fucking tick.

I fucking hate ticks.

There I was, with cat all over my hands, tick all over my fingers and foot, and no water to wash anything.

Fuck this shit.

Eventually, we got water turned back on. I got my hands and foot washed.

It’s over, thank heaven, but it was bullshit while it lasted.


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