Weekly Progress Report

Well, we did a lot of little stuff this week, ad we accomplished one major project.

We got the sunroom tiled and groutd, which was huge considering that it was the two of us with Mr. B’s help and it was done in 48 hours.

Sunshine fixed a plumbing issue in the laundry room of the pink house today. He has also managed to get quite a few small projects done around here. The yard looks a lot better since he got most of the tools and shit picked up and put in their proper storage places. He feels like hammered shit most days, so I don’t push him to get shit done. It can fucking wait a few more months, it’s already waited several as it is. These days, his job is to get better.

I’ve not gotten a whole hell of a lot done since we finished tiling the sunroom. I managed to cram all of Sunshine’s art supplies and hunting gear into one room in the pink house; that was a herculean effort in and of itself, when you factor in the dust, heat, and humidity, I’m surprised I’m still breathing without mechanical assistance.

I’m taking comfort in the small victories this week. Maybe next week will be better.

final note: Next week has to be better. The grass is well on its way to being out of control again.


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