Today just hurts

We tiled the sunroom in the pink house yesterday.

Today fucking hurts.

Tomorrow is going to hurt worse.

Today we grout the sunroom.

Tomorrow is going to suck.

It’s one of those weeks when the shit I need to do is getting left for later. As in much later. Because the rest and healing from this experiment in learning to tile a floor? Is going to take days. Days that I don’t have because we will have dirty clothes and dirty dishes and a dirty home for me to deal with.

Then there is work this weekend.

Forget running a weedeater. I just can’t.

Chronic illness sucks.

We won’t even talk about the toll this is taking on Sunshine’s body. It’s bad enough having to see it.

At least he can rest while I clean house and shit.

Four more months. Four more months and I can sleep for a week.


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