Weekly Progress Report

Well, Sunshine fixed the lawnmower. Then he proceeded to finish cutting all the grass. Now all I have to do is find the energy ad strength to weedeat some shit. I’ll worry about that tomorrow. For today, I’ll be glad to mark the grass cutting down in the win column.

Sunshine also fixed the clothesline that I broke last week hanging all his hunting clothes out to dry on it. He tried to find the rigging steel with the plastic coating, but apparently that shit isn’t readily available any more, so he got some heavy duty nylon cord, some carabiners, and a turnbuckle and tightened it up so that his hunting clothes wouldn’t wind up on the ground again. Another one for the win column.

Sunshine checked in on our compost pile today (for the first time since we built the bin), and he says that we need to acquire a pitchfork to turn it. He says it is only half as tall as it used to be, which I’m thinking is a good thing. He also said it is swarming with fruit flies. I’m assuming that fruit flies are a natural by-product of composting, which makes me so very glad that we located it far away from the magic bus. I’m calling this one another win.

We have finally (hopefully) resolved all of the mechanical issues with Sunshine’s truck. Now, if we could just get that big beast sold, I’d call it a total win. Sadly, it isn’t going to sell before Mr. B is done borrowing it to tow a trailer around while he packs up his house in preparation for his move to tiny living. We’ll call it a win anyway, because helping friends is always a win.

I haven’t seen any signs of mice since we started our colony of cats. This is a total win, if you ask me. The fucking mice were grossing me out. In other pest invader news, we are still overrun with bees and wasps but I am no longer hearing them buzzing behind my appliances since we got all the vents covered.

I’ve gotten a few days in at work this week, and I’m still liking my job. This is the first job I’ve had in years and years that I’ve really liked.

This week, it’s really about the small victories for me. In a lot of ways, I guess that’s what simple living is all about.




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