I can’t win

I was out trying to mow the damn grass, which has gotten pretty ridiculous again. The fucking belt on the lawnmower started slipping and shredding and generally trying to fall apart. Like, I can’t win for losing with this lawnmower. It’s disgusting.

I can’t win with internet either. Our provider (hughesnet, if you’re curious) overpromised and underdelivered. Our only other option is a wireless internet service provider (wisp) and I’m hoping like hell we can even get the service. The technician was out for a site survey today and it could be tricky. If we can get the service, we will be out another $400 on the installation, PLUS the $400 we spent on equipment and installation with the lying bastards that currently provide our overpriced and extremely useless internet service. We have the cash but really, there are much better ways to spend that kind of money when you’re trying to live all simply and intentionally and frugally and shit.

The whole internet conundrum gets even trickier when one considers the fact that what we really need is true high-speed internet with no data caps and no throttling, the ability to set up multiple accounts off of one pole/tower/dish (or maybe not, since Mr. B seems to change his mind at least once a day about what the best option is for ISP out here), and a bunch of people with an actual clue of how much data they really use a month (because Mr. B and Sunshine seriously have no idea how much data they tear through on a daily basis).  Add in the fact that what we have here is a bunch of ratfuck crazy assholes living in RVs parked all willy-nilly hither thither and yon around a house nobody is living in out here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and you have a recipe for complete frustration.

It gets better, folks.

I have a raccoon that has taken to coming in every night and eating all my cats’ food. I’ve thrown cans at him, I’ve shot at him and missed, and the little bastard keeps coming back. Sunshine is going to give me some lessons in rifle shooting when he returns home so that if the little motherfucker comes back again I can shoot this piece of shit raccoon in his face. He’s already started fights with my mama cat, and that is NOT ok.

The heatwave we’ve been suffering through is still kicking ass with no signs of relief anytime soon. Grass pollen is still very high. Combine those two and throw in a dose of high humidity and my COPD is eating my lunch. I think the fatigue is marginally better since I started taking some iron and Vitamin C supplements, but the iron pills are really harsh on my stomach.

I still haven’t gotten my car registered in Texas, I don’t have a Texas driver’s license, and I’m beginning to despair of ever getting that shit done. Which sucks, because I really want to get registered to vote in Texas and I can’t do that until I get my Texas license.

I think I should just go buy a chocolate milkshake or one of those blended ice cream and candy confections and call it a day. Because chocolate and candy have magic.


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