Mollie the therapy dog

Let me start by saying that Mollie is not certified as a therapy dog or service animal or anything. That doesn’t change the fact that she is a great source of comfort when I feel like shit.

Mollie motivates me to get up and move around, get outdoors, and just play with her or walk with her. Physical activity is key for me–it helps keep my heart and lungs healthy. (Well, as healthy as possible for someone who used her body as a toxic waste dump for 25+ years and has COPD.)

Even more important than that, Mollie comforts me when I’m having a rough day when the struggle is very real. She curls up on the couch for her naps and lets me snuggle my face against her fur and she just lets me lay there and feel like crap or doze off for a while.

please excuse the tinfoil looking windows–that’s the reflectix that keeps the cosmic death ray from baking us to death

mollie on poppy's pillows


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