Making it official

Today we go try and get our vehicles inspected. It’s the first step in the registration process, and it’s well  past time for us to get our vehicles registered in Texas so we can go get our Texas drivers licenses.

I’ve done a lot of hunting and gathering over the last few weeks. The amount of paperwork required to get a Texas license is ridiculous. I have stacks and stacks of documents–so many that I almost need a wagon or wheelbarrow to take it all inside the DMV.

I hate dealing with the DMV in any state, but Texas really takes the cake. I don’t even go to the DMV in Texas, I go to Department of Public Safety substation.

Proof of citizenship or legal residency is required. Get this–Sunshine’s tribal ID isn’t sufficient. He is a descendant of the indigenous peoples of North America but his tribal ID isn’t sufficient? Go fuck yourself, you white asshole invader people who make up the rules in Texas.

Sunshine added a new twist.. Now he says we will get married before we go get our drivers licenses. Now we have yet another place to go sit in line.

That’s right, none of these offices are in the same fucking place.

I thought Florida was the epicenter of crazy, but this shit in Texas takes the fucking cake. I’m exhausted, and I haven’t even started traveling to all of these different places..

Now, I guess I better go get dressed so we can go to the inspection station, the marriage license office, and the tax assessor/collector office. Once we get done with all of those places, we can go to the DPS substation.

Let’s hope those places don’t send us to other places. I have a headache and I’m tired of deaig with red tape.


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