It’s a zoo out here

My kitties are so weird.

Mama Shelly is stalking things, so I have no reason to doubt that she will keep the mice away. She just chased a bird up a tree. (She came back down on her own, no calls to 911 here).

KitKat is Shelly’s little baby, and he is feisty as hell. He’s also anti-social. We don’t see him much, unless he’s hungry. He will come see us to get some food.

The new kitten, itty-bitty, is the weirdest one. She acts like she doesn’t know what grass is. She gets out in the grass and holds one back leg out to the side and just stands there like that. Or she pokes around with one of her front feet looking for something to step on that is not-grass.

Itty-bitty also keeps pawing at Mollie’s doggie door. Mollie growls at the cats when they try to come up the steps to our magic bus.

I think we might be about to get us some baby chickens. My boss has pet chickens, and one of them is sitting on some eggs. The boss doesn’t want any baby chickens, and I think I’m going to throw Sunshine under the bus and volunteer us to take the chickens.

Now we just need to find us some goats and ducks to eat all this shit we don’t want that seems to thrive out here–like weeds, ticks, and chiggers.

Before it’s all said and done, we’ll have a regular zoo going on out here.


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