Weekly Progress Report

I brought home some free cats last weekend, a mama and her little baby boy. This week, while I was at work, a couple came in to buy some fruit and asked if anyone wanted free kittens. I took home a female kitten and the mama kitty has started trying to comfort the new baby. Hopefully, these cats will start getting rid of the mice pretty quickly.

I haven’t seen or heard any signs of mice in the magic bus this week. Finally, a few mouse-free nights.

The roof unit air conditioner in our bedroom started dropping a bunch of condensation onto our bed in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago. Since it wasn’t dripping on Sunshine’s side of the bed he didn’t do anything about it until the next day, and I slept on the couch to avoid having to sleep in an icy puddle of water all night. He did get the problem solved the next day, and the condensation is properly draining off the side of the RV now.

The stone work is done on the pink house and the mess has been mostly cleaned up. Now we can move on to other projects.

Like the grass. For the first time since we’ve been here, all the grass is mowed and all the edges have been weedeated all at the same time. Sunshine had his employees weedeat everything while they were here so that we could finally have a neat looking yard. Well, at least for another day or two, until the grass gets tall again or it all burns to a crisp in this ridiculous heatwave.

The storm shelter is in place, and Mollie and I have gone down in it to check it out. It’s awesome, this concrete hidey hole in the ground to keep us safe in the event of tornadic weather.

The shade sails are up and I can tell the difference inside the magic bus. It still gets rather warm in here but it is nowhere near as bad as it was just last week.

Now, let me go clean up the mess that Sunshine’s crew left in the pink house when they went home.


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