Things are happening!

Yesterday, I got called in to work. I expected to come home to a big construction mess because the guys are working on the stone work at the pink house.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had done their assigned task for the day and had moved on to some other stuff. The weedeating had been done and Sunshine was on the lawnmower cutting the grass!

That’s right. Sunshine and the neighbor fixed the wheels on the lawnmower and Sunshine hopped on and started cutting the grass. The neighbor took his bad ass zero turn machine and cut the section that didn’t get finished last week, and Sunshine started on the rest. He got over half of the grass cut.

He had also obtained the giant telephone poles we will be using to put up our shade sail and rented the equipment we will need to make the holes for the poles. They will be setting the poles today, and the shade sails won’t be far behind.

Last, but certainly not least, our storm shelter is scheduled to be delivered and installed today.

Finally, progress. REAL progress.


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