Sunshine is home!

He made it home yesterday afternoon, finally.

As we were sitting there last night watching teevee, we heard a weird noise under the kitchen cabinets. Sunshine was all “what the hell was that?” and I was all “I bet a mouse stepped in the glue trap”.

Sure enough, a mouse stepped in the glue trap I had placed under there a couple of nights ago. I let Sunshine do the honors of getting the little bastard out of the house.

We did bring home a couple of cats in the hopes that they’ll start running off some of the mice, but they are still being kept in the pink house until they get comfortable enough here that I don’t think they’ll run away. They’re sweet little kitties, and the lady that gave them to me says the female is a rat killing machine, so I’m hopeful that the cats will help with the mouse problem.

This morning, he is on his way to the nearest town with posts large enough and long enough to attach our shade sail to them to protect our magic bus from the cosmic death ray that is also called the sun.

I think he and the mechanic neighbor are going to try and get my lawnmower up and running pretty quick, which is good since the grass already needs to be cut again. Hell, some of it never got cut last week because the wheel kept falling off the lawnmower.

I’m sick of fighting a losing battle with the grass, and I’m sick of our roof unit air conditioners working overtime to keep it lukewarm in the magic bus. I’m sick of fighting a losing battle with the fucking mice, and I’m beyond sick of cleaning up their little turds all over the place.

On a related note, since Sunshine can’t be bothered to prioritize the mouse-proofing of the magic bus, I will be spending a small fortune on airtight containers to store dog food and people food. Giant Rubbermaid cereal containers, perhaps some canisters for coffee and beans and quinoa and shit, some little glad containers to keep things like muffin mix and such in, and anything else I can think of to take away the food sources that the mice keep coming in to get.

Do I feel bad about spending money we can’t really afford on things we shouldn’t need. Maybe a little bit, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Since he can’t prioritize keeping the mice out of the house in an affordable way, I’ll do it my way. I’m not a contractor/builder/construction worker, so I can’t get under the bus and seal off any openings. I CAN seal off the food so the mice don’t find our home so attractive.

At least Sunshine is home. I have somebody to make me laugh, if nothing else.



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