Weekly Progress Report

I wish I had some progress to report.

The grass is mostly mowed. Sadly, the parts that got mowed already need to be mowed again. The weedeating got partially done. The lawnmower is still down a wheel and I have no clue when it might have all four wheels again.

The shade sails are still sitting inside the pink house in their plastic wrappers.

There is no garden, and at this point, there isn’t much we can plant.

The vent covers for the furnace pilot lights and the stove’s vent-hood still need screen put inside them to keep the bees out.

One of Sunshine’s trucks is still in the shop.

Mollie must think mummy and poppy got a divorce or something, since Sunshine has only been home briefly for the last couple of weeks and counting. Hopefully he will be home Monday night and we can start  getting some shit done when Tuesday comes.

I’m starting to feel like the Lone Ranger out here.


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