Woman vs. Wild

I woke up this morning to discover that the little mouse that had been living in my kitchen had ventured out last night to sample some of the mouse-killing pellets I left out for him on the counter-top.  How did I know this?

Because the little mouse stood in a glue trap while eating the pellets. His back half was stuck to the glue trap, and his front half was trying to crawl into the burner of the stove.

I killed him and burnt his remains.

Buoyed by my success with the little mouse, I set out to deal with the fucking bees living behind my fridge. I went outside and gathered up my implements of destruction and set about removing the vent cover that lets the heat from the fridge escape the magic bus.

Sure enough, there were bees in there. I sprayed them with copious amounts of bee-killing spray and ran for safety. After the bees were either dead or gone somewhere else to die, I proceeded to measure the opening and cut some screening to fit. It took some time, as the vent cover wouldn’t go back on unless I trimmed the screen to fit inside (instead of allowing a bit of it to poke out so that the vent cover could hold it into place). As usual, my old friend gaff tape held the screen in place and I accomplished that task.

I began my attempts to remove the vent cover for the stove’s hood vent, but realized that once I finished my alterations and wanted to put the cover back on, I would need to silicone around the edges so that it was watertight. So that one has to stay on the to-do list until Sunshine finally decides he can make our family’s needs a priority.

I thought I had done well for the day until I stepped out of the shower and heard the buzzing of bees. I can only guess that some of the little bastards survived the shower of doom I rained down on them from my trusty can of bee-killing spray and were trapped in the ventilation space behind the fridge. I am hoping that they die soon since they shouldn’t be able to get out to go get food.

Later, once it started getting hot outside, I made a run to town to get some juice and oatmeal cookie mix so I could make some little imitation cobblers with the peaches and raspberries. While I was out, I looked for some balsam fir needle oil, as it is supposed to repel mice. They didn’t have any at the local big-box store and I didn’t want to go driving around town looking for some balsam fir needle oil in the not-Christmas season, so I substituted peppermint oil, which the internet says will repel the mice (and we all know that if the internet says it then it must be true). Hey, at least the house smells nice.

I’ve won a couple of battles, but the war isn’t over. Wish me luck.


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