It’s summer alright

I set out this morning to start the monumental task of weedeating.

It’s already almost 90F at 11AM. Great weather to go weedeat with no shade, right?

I got about 30 minutes in and had to take a break. The neighbor came by or I might not have stopped when I did because I’m stubborn like that. After he left, I drank some water and went back out. I made it about 20 minutes before I had to stop.

I just went out there to try and weedeat some more overgrown shit into oblivion and couldn’t even get the damned weedeater to crank.

I’m under orders from Sunshine to get out of the heat until later this afternoon when it starts cooling off again. He might be onto something. Later this evening, the front fenceline will be shaded from the setting sun.

It’s one of those days that really lets me know that I have COPD, and that I can’t do the shit I could do at 20 while I was strung out on dope. It kind of makes me want to cry, but that would be completely counterproductive. It’s hard knowing that I simply can’t do things I need or want to do because of a set of lungs that just don’t work right anymore. It’s hard being out here  alone without Sunshine’s help and moral support.

At least he comes home Monday night.

He even promised to get the shade sail up before he did anything else around here once he’s home, so there’s about to be some relief from the cosmic death ray that is pounding the magic bus so mercilessly.


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