To-do lists

The to-do list keeps growing.

I was investigating under the kitchen cabinets this morning, looking for traces of the mouse. The mouse must die. While I was carefully searching for mouse shit, I saw some mold. It appears that the dishwasher is leaking. Lovely. Now we have a mouse AND mold in the kitchen. That’s not all, though. We have bees living behind the fridge. They come in through a vent that allows the fridge to cool. The bees (or wasps or whatever the fuck) are attracted by the smell of the propane line that runs through the same little space.

I stopped at the local hardware and farm supply superstore and got some mouse bait stations and glue traps, some bee spray, a flea collar, and some window screen. I got some poison pellets put out for the mouse, along with a glue trap and the bait station. I also got some bee poison spray squirted through the vents from the outside, and I pulled the batt insulation out from above the fridge so that I could stuff a flea collar behind the fridge from the top. Apparently, a fresh flea collar will repel the bees; who knew. Tomorrow, I have to go outside and figure out how to put the window screen behind the vents so that no more bees can enter but we can still get the airflow we need in all the places we need it.

The lawnmower is still sitting in the middle of the field where the wheel started coming off again. The weedeating? Yeah, I haven’t even started that yet. And we won’t think about how the treeline looks like a fucking jungle or some shit.

The shade sails are still sitting inside the pink house in their plastic wrappers. The pink house is still half sprayed, and I kind of don’t care if it stays that way for a while. We still don’t have a garden, and we have reached a critical point–there is not much we can plant this late. There is some stuff we can plant in a few months, so we’ll plant what we can for now and plant what we can when we can. Mr. B donated a bunch of deer meat that his family isn’t going to eat (they have all started eating more vegetarian) but Sunshine still hasn’t found time to go hunting. I’m going to have to do the research on how much space will be required so we can have somebody plow up the garden area.

Mollie needs to go to the vet to get a small cyst removed from her back. Sunshine has an appointment at the medical center Friday. I need a day or two of rest or light duty thanks to the muscle strains and bruises from trying to get the grass cut.

I’m hoping that the to-do lists quit growing soon.


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