The wheel fell off. Again.

So the neighbor checked the lawnmower this morning and got it ready to go again.

Which was great.

Until the wheel fell off again.

I’ve given up. The yard will never be properly mowed on a regular basis.

We’ve been using a lawnmower to do a tractor’s job.

We’ve got all this half working shit around here and I guess adding a lawnmower to the list is just par for the course.

We spend more time fixing shit (or redneck engineering shit so it half ass works) than we spend actually doing shit that needs to be done.

Sunshine’s truck is in the shop again. It made it 5 miles up the road after he fixed it Friday and it broke again.

Half broken, half-ass working shit.

I give up. I can only do so much alone while Sunshine is out of town, and I can’t even do that with all this half working shit.

I give up.

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